Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer Question "How do I benefit"


We only take 1% of the total commission, as a fee and as most properties offer 2.5% or 3% that leaves a substantial amount which will be available to you at COE.

We take 1% and you will typically get 1.3% of the purchase price after transaction fees and incidental costs are paid.

Seller Question "How is your 3.5% broken down"


We offer Broker co-op of 2.5% which has become the most used offer since we went into a sellers' market.

We keep 1% for listing the property on MLS, social media, and any other service of interest to you and help with the preparation for viewing and virtual tours and picture portfolio

Buyer Question "Will you help with offer"


Yes indeed in many ways:

Customized search of available property

Comparable analysis of any of interest

Explaining any and all disclosures

Determining the "offer price"

Negotiating with the listing agent and seller.

Progressing the transaction through escrow.

Attending COE to deal with any issues.